Community Employment Program

About the Program 

The Community Employment Program is a new initiative at Atelier de Clare. We offer our participants an opportunity to rightful employment in the community to do something they are passionate about. We work closely with employers to help them satisfy business needs by matching them with a qualified, capable and motivated individual who is ready to learn new skills and bring a positive attitude to the workplace. 

We have a job coach to assist with the hiring process and to help make sure the participant is a good match for the job. She also helps with the training process by providing on-the-job training and ensuring the participant feels comfortable with his/her new environment and tasks. She will make constant follow-ups to ensure everything is going well and to assist with any further training required. 

The Value of Diversity

When hiring individuals with special needs or individuals that come from other places, your workplace becomes an inclusive place. With inclusiveness comes diversity which is a great quality to aspire for in a business. When people with different life experiences come together, ideas and point of views are shared which could potentially lead to innovation, change and even different ways to perform a task that may essentially benefit all employees. 

Benefits of Inclusive Hiring

Inclusive hiring benefits all parties involved. Our participants get the chance to partake in the community and feel appreciated for their work. They can interacts with others, learn new skills and put their knowledge to practice. Our participants also feel very proud of their work and are motivated to keep participating in the community. 

Employers gain a a motivated and reliable employee who is willing to learn, work hard and give his/her best. Our participants are very keen on safety and making sure things are done appropriately. They are also great at welcoming people and making sure everyone feels comfortable. 

The community would also benefit from inclusive employment because people would get a chance to interact with others who have different life experiences. Children and students with special needs will be motivated to follow their dreams and have an example that they can do anything they set their minds to do. 

Inclusive Employers in our Community ​

The Clare Community is filled with so many wonderful and supportive employers who are willing to hire inclusively and give different individuals a  chance to have a gainful employment and the opportunity to grow in both a personal and professional level. 

Atelier de Clare is proud to work with inclusive organizations who not only support our Community Employment Program, but also envision change and diversity as a goal and a necessity in our community.


We look forward to working with many more organizations and employers in the Clare Community who are are ready to give an employment opportunity to one of the many motivated and capable participants at Atelier in search of a part-time job. 

Hants alongside his coworkers. 

Noel Després, Kelsie, Nick, Adrien Comeau, Hantford Boudreau, Mark Lombard, Mark Boudreau

"The Stockroom thinks Hants is awesome!" 

- Mark Lombard

Assistant Manager, Stockroom operations 

Comeau Seafoods

has always been a very supportive sponsor of  Atelier de Clare. They were the first company to partner with us as we launched our Community Employment Program, employing Hants with open arms. The staff at Comeau Seafoods is happy to be working with Hants and they all get along really well.


“Everyone should have an opportunity to work, everyone. It shouldn’t be based on education or color, etc. I want to make a difference. Times have changed, so I make change,” says Noel Depres, President and CEO at Comeau Seafoods. He is excited to have Hants as part of his staff and encourages other businesses in Clare to hire inclusively. 

Noel and Hants at work 
"I enjoy working at Comeau Seafoods and I feel good going to work because I like the environment and I am proud of the work that I do. Working at Comeau Seafoods has been the best job I have had so far because my coworkers are great to work with and Noel is a really nice boss. I get to learn new things and meet new people all the time. My  job is great, it benefits others and it benefits me. It doesn't matter what colour you are or whether you have an intellectual disability, every person should have a job and work experience."
- Hantford Boudreau
Hants works hard and loves his job 
St. Anne University and Atelier de Clare have had a wonderful partnership since Atelier was firsts opened and has been very supportive with our Community Employment Program.  
Bobby Comeau was hired as an occasional animateur for the spring and summer French Immersion Program. He showed up with a smile every week and enjoyed getting to know the students and brightening their day. Bobby has excellent people skills and was able to use them to help students learn French.
Bobby and his coworkers in the middle of a sketch to entertain the students 

Bobby Comeau 

“I really liked my job with the students at St. Anne University. I enjoyed doing different things every week, such as meeting the students at the door when they came in, singing, dancing, telling jokes and participating in sketches. I look forward to continue working doing this every summer.”  
- Bobby Comeau

 “Working with Bobby was an incredible experience for the students, my employees and myself. His endearing personality and his concern for a job well done made him be a special addition to our team. We are excited to continue working with him next year.”  

- Luc Tardif, Director of the Immersion Schools  

The Services and Maintenance Department of the university has been very receptive of our employment  program and also hired a group of participants from Atelier to clean the campus grounds in the course of several weeks during the summer. Individuals were very excited to have the opportunity to work outside and be able to use their skills to help the environment. They also hire our services to rake leaves and clear the trails of the Petit Bois.
Mike cleaning the campus grounds

" I like working  outside in the summer. It's a good job."

- June Saulnier 

“The Service and Maintenace Department of St. Anne University is happy to be able to hire Atelier de Clare for their service to assist us with our daily work tasks. We are very satisfied with the quality of their work as a result. Atelier de Clare will always be well received at Sainte-Anne,”

- Adrien Comeau, Director of the Services and Maintenance Department 

June cleaning the campus grounds 
La Cuisine Robicheau received our Community Employment Program with open open arms. They wanted to hire Elise right away, as she is someone they have always been fond of. The restaurant is very busy and they wanted to have extra help during lunchtime with the dishes and clearing tables. The staff create a very welcoming environment and have been very supportive with Elise. 
Shane Robicheau, Scott Robicheau and Nadine Robicheau (owners),  Elise Thibodeau 
Elise washing dishes during her shift 
"When Elise walks in, it's like a ray of sunshine! 
She always has a beautiful smile to brighten your day."
- Nadine Robicheau
    Owner and Manager 
The staff at Cuisine Robicheau 
Caleb, Scott, Anique, Nadine, Jeanne, Genavive, Elise, Oriolle
Elise loves going to work at Cuisine Robicheau every week and she looks forward to her shifts. 
"I like to do the dishes and help in the kitchen. I also like to fold the laundry and clear the tables. I enjoy working with my coworkers. I like to eat coconut cream pie everytime I work". 
- Elise Thibodeau
The Acadian Festival has been hiring the participants from L'Atelier for several years to clean up before and after events that occur during the festival. The individuals at l'Atelier really enjoy the part they take in the Festival and look forward to continue with this job every year. 

Joey Saulnier 

"I really like working for the Acadian Festival of Clare every summer. I get a chance to work outside, clean the environment and I am able to make extra money."
- Joey Saulnier 
"We are happy to work with the participants from l'Atelier. It's a great opportunity fo them to be part of the Acadian Festival of Clare". 
- Daniel LeBlanc
Directeur Artistique 

"It was fun. I enjoyed working outside in the beautiful weather. I like to impress the people who work and study at the university by cleaning the campus after festival events. I also get to help the environment, which make me happy. It was great to be able to work and be physically active at the same time." 

- Nicole Fudge 

Nicole Fudge

Seaside Bowling Lanes and Lounge has also been very supportive with our community employment program, hiring Keith Power to clean the bowling alley once a week. Keith started working at Seaside Bowling Lanes and Lounge in October 2017. He cleans the bathroom, washes the windows, sweeps and mops the floors and others tasks when needed. He is really proud and happy to be working at the bowling alley and looks forward to his shifts every week.

I like it a lot [my job]. The bosses are really nice and I enjoy going there every week. My favourite thing to clean is the bathrooms. 

- Keith Power