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L'Atelier de Clare

Purpose of the Organization

The main objective of L'Atelier de Clare is to provide for adults living with intellectual and other challenges a work site adapted to their particular abilities and needs -  always focusing on maximizing individual potential and independence whether it be in work, social or recreational activities. We hope to create a happy and safe work and learning environment to build upon the self esteem and confidence of persons from the community and surrounding areas - guaranteeing productivity, increasing a sense of pride and accomplishment, enhancing usable skills that can be applied within the community, and facilitating independence and inclusion.

L'Atelier de Clare offers programs which will enable the participants to become productive members of society by using their learned skills in work placements, either within or outside the workshop environment. These programs include the development of life skills, including hygiene, communication, and social development as well as trade skills such as numeracy, computer, and basic carpentry skills as well as the production of arts and crafts.  In addition, our Job Coach, funded by Nova Scotia Department of Labour and Advanced Education, contributes to the development of customer relations skills, retail marketing expertise, record keeping, inventory maintenance, and job-related self-development and growth.  

Services Provided

L'Atelier de Clare provides employment and personal development programs for 29 members of the community and surrounding areas in a bilingual environment. Clients apply their learned skills in the production of wooden items which are then sold within the community. The products we produce are targeted to specific local businesses to help meet their needs with a wide range of products including pallets for the domestic and export fishery, survey stakes, kindling, and a variety of art and crafts items, which supply the Atelier's gift shop, located on the Universite Sainte Anne campus, and an increasing number of local retailers.  We are group members of the Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council.

 We also produce badges, engrave labels, bag rags, and provide as-required services, such as preparation of mail out packages, recycling projects and cleaning services. We also offer a wide range of life skills programs and activities for our clients including personal development programs such as computer skills, reading, writing, numeracy and communication as well as group and social/cultural development.

In addition to serving those wilth mental and/ or physical challenges within the community, l'Atelier also provides employment, volunteering and training opportunities for members of the community and surrounding areas including full time staff, volunteers, student employment during the summer months, and a grant-funded instructor.

Funding and finance

Core funding for the workshop is provided by the Nova Scotia Department of Community Services with the remainder of other funding coming from the generosity of the businesses and residents of the Municipality of Clare and surrounding areas. Other funding is typically acquired throughout the year by means of government grants, donations and production sales from the clients' arts, crafts, and carpentry projects. Yearly fundraising efforts include Annual Brunches hosted by University St. Anne's SIFE student team, various ticket sales and a mail- in request for support ("Anna's Drive") throughout the Clare municipality. Several organizations both within and outside the municipality provide in- kind support.


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